The House is Alive!

(And not just with Box Elder bugs.)

In January we got rid of the TV in the family room after much talk and discussion about moving it (and then the boys knocking it off the TV stand and breaking it, ahem) so it’s been pretty quiet around here until after the boys go down for the night.

No constant chatter of PBS  in the background.  It was kind of nice, and I love not having the TV out and on all the time, but, it was so quiet.

And when it is just me and 3 kids all day, the only noise I get to hear is crying, whining and fighting.

So, I finally brought myself into the current decade and got myself an dock for my iPod.

I found my iPod the other day and after checking out the playlist realized I hadn’t used it since the twins were babies.  We listened to so many new bands back then that many of them I didn’t remember, and many of them are no longer bands!

It was so fun to sit and wade through everything and have music in the house again!

So far the boys seem to like having it on, but I do realize it’s just going to be their newest item to destroy.  Nothing is off limits anymore.  They crawl over (or knock down) baby gates.  They push furniture around so they can reach upper cabinets.  They pull everything off counters with one fell swoop without even looking to see what it is they are trying to get down.

Yesterday, J made his way to the front porch with two huge kitchen knives.

Lord help me.

I refuse to invest any more money into baby proofing when they just figure out a way to get around it.

So, I am crossing my fingers we can keep music in the house for awhile longer, but aside from keeping behind a locked door (which completely defeats the purpose) I’m not sure there is anything I can do.

I won’t dwell on that now though.

What new music should I be checking out?  The last albums we bought were Mumford and Sons, Metric, Adele and Florence and the Machine.  I think The Killers have a newish album I need to hear…



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