Biting and Knives: The L Edition

Last week we made the decision to add the twins to our gym membership so that we could all go to the gym as a family.  We figured it was a long shot- the boys are pretty good but leaving them with caregivers with no training as to how to deal with and easily excitable kids with autism left my heart beating out of my chest.  But, it was worth a shot as our weekend gym time was eating into our weekend family time and something had to give.

The first week went OK.  There was some pushing on L’s part and they were getting ready to call me when I arrived to pick the boys up.

Not what I wanted to hear, but I figured it was the first time and we got a work out in so it was OK.

Saturday we tried again.  I finished up early and checked in on the boys just to make sure all was well before I headed upstairs to wait for Yogi Dad who was going to relax with his Kindle in the cafe.

“The boys are doing great!”

Well, alright then, I’ll just go wait.

So I waited. And waited. And waited.

No sign of Yogi Dad.  Weird, since he had planned on relaxing for half of the time ere were there.  I was really hoping we could have a little smoothie date while we waited for the time to tick down.

They made the overhead announcement for the childcare center closing.  Still no sign of Yogi Dad.

I walked down to the Childcare center to wait.  I couldn’t check them out since I didn’t check them in so I just waited.  I asked how the boys were- they said they were great.

I asked if they were in the back since I hadn’t seen them.  They said they were.

I mentioned that it was weird that Yogi Dad wasn’t here to pick them up yet.

“Oh…what was your name?”

Um…(last name).

“Oh, we had a biting incident.  They were picked up awhile ago.”

So…the two times you told me the boys were doing great…they weren’t even in here?!

I just stood around for 45 minutes getting annoyed at my husband because you didn’t care to make sure my kids were actually here?  There are only like 5 kids in here to begin with!

So, needless to say, that might be the end of the gym membership for the twins.  Not something I want to deal with on my time to relax.  Especially when biting has all but been obliterated from our lives the past few months.

Alas, I don’t see a lot of gym time in the next few weeks anyways.  L is going under the knife.  Well, maybe not an actual knife.  Maybe it’s a laser?  I need to read up on adenoidectomies I guess.

We scheduled his surgery on Friday after seeing an ENT Specialist.  He’s got all sorts of issues hiding away in his nose.  We are hoping that by taking care of them now we can stop the mouth breathing and snoring and possibly some residual sensory issues.

I’m glad to have this on the books.  I’m not an easily rattled mom when it comes to these sorts of things.  I’ve had two C-Sections.  I trust doctors and am not nervous around hospitals.

I am a little worried about what happens after surgery.

What will recovery be like?  I’ve heard it kind of sucks.

What if this *doesn’t* make a difference for him sensory-wise?

What if I don’t get to vote?! (Which reminds me I need to figure out how to vote absentee, just in case.)

This momming thing is tough.

Any tips are welcomed.


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