It’s November and my Facebook feed is blowing up with daily reminders of what people are thankful for in their lives.  I figured I would try and jot down my thoughts over here and add to it each day (or every few days as it were) so I have it all in one place.

I am thankful for…

1.My husband. He is quite possibly the best person I know and I love him.

2. Boys who go to bed by 7pm each night. Because there is nothing better after a long day than the complete relative silence of kids snoring away in their beds.

3. Coffee. Really good coffee.  Because when you are not a morning person, nothing is worse than starting your day with really crappy coffee and nothing is better than a really luscious, toe curling cup.

4. Target. No really. I love that place. Way more than someone who spent the better part of 15 years working ever should. Even when I have to stand in line 5 people deep to get my groceries because everyone and their mother decided to shop before the Vikings game at 3, I still love it. It’s like a forced break in my day. Standing. Drinking my Starbucks. Mentally calculating the total of my bill with coupons and discounts…good times.

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