Trust and Love

My boys spend their time in two different schools, 6 hours a day, five days a week.

They have teachers, and therapists, and aides, and depending on which school they are at, various other people who essentially do one thing: teach and care for my kids when  I am not there to teach and care for them.

After Friday, I just have one request.

Please, protect my kids.

From being scared.  From being hurt.  From being alone in scary moments.

I pray it will never happen, and statistically it’s unlikely, but really, terrible things can happen anywhere at anytime so I do think about it.  But, if something should happen- be it a tornado tearing through town or someone committing unthinkable crimes in the school, please tell my kids that they are going to be OK and tell them that they are loved.

I tell them all day because sometimes it’s the only thing I can think to say to them as they walk about in their own worlds, but I want them to know.

They are the world to me and the only thing that gives me the strength to send them away each day is trusting they are with people who will care for them as I would, until I can be with them again.



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