Christmas Prepper

So, word on the street is that the world is supposed to end tomorrow.

Do people actually believe that?  I’m guessing they are the same people who think we should buy all the guns to keep Big Brother at bay…

At my house, I’m in full on Christmas mode.

The boys have their last day of school today.  Tomorrow we are seeing Santa with all of the cousins.  I made my first Rosettes and Krumkake yesterday and my shopping list for groceries, booze and stocking stuffers is complete.

Now if only I could find my address book so I can get my Christmas cards in the mail I would feel like we are making progress.  (I’m guessing it’s hiding out somewhere with my motivation to wrap gifts and fold clothes!)

This year should be great.  My sister is home from Kansas City!  Mexican Christmas Eve is going to be awesome and no one is breastfeeding this year, so bring on the margaritas!

We are doing Christmas with my Dad over the weekend so there will be no rush to get out the door and to his house on Christmas day which really puts a damper on the Christmas morning festivities.  Nothing like packing up and hauling out to get to the other parents house as soon as brunch is finished to add that extra bit of magic to the holidays in a divorced family.

Since we are talking about it (kind of)- there is nothing easy about getting my kids ready to go anywhere.  I was just thinking about what we could do to make it less crazy and I am at a complete loss.  Usually we are running around re-dressing kids, finding discarded socks and shoes (or pants and training pants) and it’s complete chaos every single time.  There is no getting them dressed and ready ahead of time.  If they have 5 minutes to fidget, you are back where you started.  Something I go through every day- I’m at the point where I just toss their jackets, backpacks and boots into the Care Cab after them because it’s so stressful dressing and re-dressing them over and over in the 20 minute window when their transportation can arrive.

So yeah, I don’t have to deal with that on Christmas morning this year!

We can get up, do stockings, have a leisurely brunch and head out to play in the snow (not me- I will stay in and make cocoa for everyone thankyouverymuch) and have a wonderful dinner to top off the day.

If this Christmas isn’t the best Christmas ever, I’m not sure it’s possible.

Crap.  I just realized I haven’t even begun to think about  plans for when my In-Laws are here over New Years.  Or when I will actually get my house clean.

I think Yogi Dad’s extra days off are going to come in really handy!




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