Cloth Diaper Dreams

I have been addicted to cloth diapers for awhile now.  Seriously addicted.  I know there are moms bitten by the bug much harder than I have been, but I have been contemplating figuring out a way to keep them in my life for quite awhile now- even though my boys are all in various stages of potty training.

I don’t have a lot of interest in opening up a store- I have met some great women over the past few years who have done that, and I think for me, it would be more work that I am looking for.  The other option (not that it’s less work), was learning how to sew diapers and open up my own Etsy shop (or Hyena cart), and sell diapers.  Hybrid fitteds specifically.

I have had my grandma’s sewing machine for years, just hanging out in my closet, and last week I finally decided this was the time to take her out, and see what she can do instead of just thinking about it.

Well, she wasn’t doing much the first week!  Every stitch brought a broken thread (or needle) and my patience was waning.  I just wanted to practice- get the basics down- anything.  And here I couldn’t even sew a straight line without re-threading my machine.  The week was particularly stressful with the boys and at one point I wanted to hurl that sewing machine across the room.

But, I didn’t.  I went to Facebook, I sent out an SOS on a cloth diapers sewers group, and I took a break.

I ordered fabric (thank you Aunt Judy- your giftcard will be put to good use!).  I printed patterns.  I started a wishlist on Amazon with all of the things I will need to get this going- mostly so I can keep track of all of the little things I am constantly finding myself needing- like sewing scissors and elastic and pins!  I bought a domain name.  I started a Facebook page.  I started an Etsy shop.  I started tweaking logo designs and seeking out help in that arena.  I started sourcing materials.  I started reading up on CPSIA compliance.

Last night I went through my diaper stash to look at my favorite diapers- what were they made of?  How were they sewn?  What don’t I like?  What did I love?  I want to start basic, so I found one of my favorites, which is pretty much the most basic AIO you will ever find.  It’s by OsoCozy, and I figured it was a good place to start because I have plenty of prefolds laying around just waiting to be used for something.

I traced the OsoCosy onto a prefold, then I traced it onto an old T-shirt.  Then I went to bed.

This morning I got up and went back downstairs to take a look at Betty Lou.  That’s her name- after my Grandma.  I can’t really get too mad at a sweet retro sewing machine named Betty Lou, can I?!

I sat down, I adjusted tensions, I cleaned under the feeder dog plate, I cleaned the shuttle, I re-wound the bobbin- nothing.  Still breaking.  Still jamming.

I grabbed a piece of a prefold just to see if a different fabric was going to make a difference.

And it did!

Nothing broke.  Nothing jammed!

I grabbed the prefold and the T-shirt fabric, and I started to sew.  I won’t lie.  It’s not good.

My curves are atrocious, I am all over the place with my straight lines, mostly because I was so freaked out that the machine was still stitching that I kept slowing down and speeding up.  I turned the diapers and then had a lot of difficulty closing it because the fabric was so thick, but I closed it (it ain’t pretty).  And then I called it done.

It’s not a hybrid fitted (maybe a contour?).  It is not top-stitched.  It has no elastic.  I have no idea what size this would be- something in the small, under 15 pound range.  It needs a Snappi or a pin and definitely a cover.

But, it’s done!

I almost cried.  After days of frustration at that machine, I whipped this out in minutes.  It only gets better from here, and I am so excited to start seeing what I can do- Mama needs a hobby!

1st diaper

  • Likeitorlurvit

    I’ve got a retro sewing machine in my house too… but I’ve yet to figure out what to make with it! You inspired me to at least get it running!

    • MNMomBlog

      Do it! I found a bunch of free patterns on for various things.

  • julie

    Pillow cases are a good thing to start with. Thy are cute, any fabric combinations you want, and it’s all straight lines.

    • MNMomBlog

      I will be making some pillows for Kailey’s room- all my pink and green fabrics are cotton duck! I might do those tonight actually.

  • appone

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