Bring It


Two years ago today, we got the keys to our house.

As I sit outside on a breezy May evening, I hear kids running through the yards, laughing, playing hide and seek.  I hear dogs barking.  I see people walking, running.  I see people puttering about in their gardens, moving bags of mulch around on the sidewalk to let people pass, or moving gallon sized plants from space to space like a game of chess, before finally putting it into the ground.

Our neighborhood is bustling with activity.  It is both quiet and alive.

I love it here.

One thing we haven’t really done, is get into a groove with the neighborhood kids.  I can’t just let L & W roam the alley with the other kids their age, and no one seems too keen on just hanging out in our yard, at least not so far.  We are going to try and change that this summer.  Today J invited a neighbor boy his age over to play.  They were in and out of the house, up and down the sidewalk on their scooters, and hanging in the backyard with L & W, for three solid hours.  It felt really good.  It felt like the thing that was missing.

I might have chocolate smeared on every wall of my house, and my kitchen floor might need to be swept for the 5th time today, and my laundry might never be folded, but I will welcome any kids who want to run through my yard, and tromp through my living room, and sit at my kitchen table and play LEGO with my boys.  It’s going to be a very long summer if I don’t.

The Welcome mat is out.  I’m stocking up on freeze-pops.


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