Summertime and the living is…easy?

Are those the words?  Is that a song?

For some reason that popped into my head and I had to shake it off because seriously- summer is not easy at our house.

The moment school ends we are in a world of chaos trying to keep on a schedule, any routine that will help the boys regulate just a little bit.  3-year-olds with autism are not known for going with the flow as it were.

Add a long stretch of out of town visitors and then a few treks to new unexplored places with new people and they are kind of spinning out of control right now.

But alas, the sweet sweet extended school year session starts tomorrow and I could not be more excited.

It will give me a reason to establish a morning routine once again.  I hate mornings so if I can stay in bed a little bit longer I totally will even if it means opening up a can of crazy.

This will be our 4th new session of school since the boys were 2.  It’s hard to wrap my head around that when there are people who’s kids never set foot on a bus until they are 5 (if then).  By the time they get to kindergarten they will have had 8 sets of teachers, 8 school sessions already under their belts (not including private day treatment).  I wonder if Kindergarten will even register as being special?

They will be in separate rooms for the first time this summer and I am excited and nervous to see what happens with that.  Having never had them separated for more than a few hours and only overnight on one occasion, it will be interesting to see how they react.

My bets are on W taking it the hardest.  Not that I think either of them will find it difficult, W just seems to notice these kinds of things more than L.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow- it’ll be a big couple of days here.  First day of school, stitches out for L, therapy.  I’m hoping the weather is nice and I can get the pool out this week.

Nothing like sitting in our little urban oasis of green with my feet in a kiddie pool and an ice cold coffee in my hand while the kids play.

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