Price Check!

In my last post I said I was going to price check at the two stores I do the bulk of my grocery shopping at (Edina Super Target and Edina Cub).  Yogi Dad does a lot of one-off trips to Lunds or Kowalskis (total budget killers) and we get quite a bit of produce at the Kingfield Market on Sundays, budget permitting.  I know it kind of toes the line, but Target *is* based here, so I consider this a hometown grocery store- even if it is a big-box.  We’ve also found that it’s the cheapest for us on a trip to trip basis and since I stick to my list I don’t fall prey (too often) to the allure of pretty new things on endcaps.   Once we get into the small town type super markets (Coburns, Jubilee, Festival, even Rainbow), prices pretty much shoot through the roof so they are simply not an option for us.

Here is the list:

H.E.B (what Lori paid in Texas), Target, and Cub

5lbs of yellow bananas for $1.45 $2.85 $2.85

3/4lb roma tomatoes $0.59 $.96 $.96

1lb white onion $0.80 $1.49 $.99

1 pint of organic grape tomatoes $2.50 $4.34 $2.99

Head of iceberg lettuce $0.89 $1.29 $1.29

1 small Hass avocado $0.50 $1.49 $.99

Store brand strawberry fruit bars $2.50 $2.39 $2.99

Gallon of store brand white vinegar $1.98 $2.64 $2.43

Store brand toaster pastries (free with the purchase) Free $2.24 (NSB) $1.69

Store brand 7 grain bread (2) $3.08 $5.38 $4.50

Maxwell House French Roast coffee $3.88 $4.19 $5.69

Store brand flour tortillas $0.88 $1.85 $1.49

Store brand whole wheat tortillas  $1.48 $2.89 $1.83

Pace brand picante sauce (2) $2.22 $5.28 $5.58

Pint of store brand ice cream (free with purchase) Free $3.25 (NSB) $4.25 (NSB)

1 gallon store brand fat free milk $0.98 $2.59 $2.79

1/2 gallon organic whole milk $2.99 $3.79 $3.69

Store brand light sour cream $1.25 $1.57 $1.79

Wedge of Parmesan cheese $2.48 $2.89 $2.99

8oz store brand sharp cheddar cheese $2.38 $2.49 $3.19

1 dozen cage free Texas brown eggs $2.25 $3.39 $3.99

1 dozen store brand eggs  $0.39 $1.49 $1.69

Total: $33.94 $58.05 $60.65

Target was 71% more expensive and Cub was 78% more expensive.  From my foray into extreme couponing I know that the south and southeast are known for great grocery deals and generous coupon policies, the likes of which we rarely see here in the midwest.  I said I thought I would be paying double and I was wrong on that- but not by much.  The difference is pretty striking.

I could have priced Aldi, but that isn’t where I shop.  It’s not convenient for me and Target’s prices are competitive for the area, they have great coupons and I get 5% off the top with my Target Debit.  If I go to Cub it’s usually for produce and only if something is on sale.  Every once in awhile I’ll go for meat.  Once you get into the aisles (especially frozen foods) prices start to climb.

Are you a Target or a Cub shopper?  Are your surprised at the differences in pricing?

Thanks Lori for letting me pick apart your list!


*I completely forgot to price strawberries so I took them off the original list
** There were a few items that were not sold in a store brand version (notated with NSB) so I went with the cheapest brand available
*** Where it didn’t specify brand vs. store brand I went with store brand or whichever brand was cheapest
**** If it didn’t specify size I went with the smallest size

  • Geri

    HEB is always cheaper than Target. Aldi and HEB vary between weeks and prices. All three stores are within sight of eachother in Burleson Texas. I never go to Target for food. I check the prices at Aldi and HEB and between the two stores get everything I need. If I just go to HEB I always spend more than if I go to both stores with a plan in hand!

    • MinnesotaMomBlog

      They did a price comparison not too long ago in the newspaper here. Most people assume that Walmart would win any pricing war but they don’t really. Target, Cub and Walmart are always at the top for best prices but it really evens out. I can’t remember what prices were like when we lived in Missouri- I wish I had paid more attention!

  • Dani Sue

    Interesting. I’m in CO and we don’t have HEB, Aldi, or Cub…but we do have King Soopers (Kroger/City Market), Albertsons, Safeway, and some local places. I find King Soopers has the best deals on produce. Albertsons has some really fantastic meat specials. Safeway seems to be the most expensive. I tend to spend more at our local grocer…it’s the only one in our tiny town. But we almost lost it altogether so I try to support local business as much as possible. Although I wish we had an Aldi (I grew up with one) and it was always the place to save.

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