Home again, home again…

This past weekend we took a little road-trip down to Kansas City to visit my sister.  My niece was turning 1, and that calls for a party.  So, we packed the boys in and headed south.

It was hot.  It was humid.  There were lots of mosquitoes.  Which is funny because I lived in Missouri for 8 years and I swear I never saw a mosquito the entire time I lived there!  The heat and humidity were pretty oppressive.  I like it up here where we get a heat wave with a little relief in the form of a nice stiff breeze once in awhile.  Down there is is just relentless.

We had a great time hanging with our youngest family member (I tried to smuggle her back in my suitcase!), eating lots of Kansas City ‘cue and splashing at the splash pad at Loose Park, hitting up one of our favorite restaurants to visit, but…we are sure glad to be home.

There is just something about climbing into your own bed- even if a certain almost 2-year old insists on climbing in and sharing your pillow relegating you to the absolute edge, that is just so nice after a trip.

Yogi Dad took an extra day off so we could get back into the swing of things here at home.  We ended up taking a nice stroll around Lake of the Isles this afternoon.  If the number of people we saw on our walk around the lake was any indication (less than 10)  we were crazy to be out walking in that heat.

It was nice to have the path to ourselves though.  I think I kind of like Lake of the Isles for walking a little better than Calhoun or Harriet- much quieter.  What we lacked in people watching was more than made up for in house watching.  There is a lovely little (ha!) whitewashed brick number with turquoise shutters that had me daydreaming all around the lake.

Perfect way to end a mini-vacation.

Back to the grind tomorrow!

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