Be still my heart.

Something absolutely magical happened the other day when we were out to lunch.

My sister was trying to keep L busy in his high chair by writing short sentences on a piece of paper for him to read.

He is just over 3 and a half years old.

And he can read.

We have kind of known this for awhile, but usually he just reads single words which always leads us to believe it’s a fluke. Like he just knows what a word is because he has seen it so many times.

But this? This was different.

This was sounding each letter out and reading each line.

His enunciation was a bit off on some of the words, but for the most part, after he said it out loud he knew it was wrong and corrected himself.

You have no idea how thrilling this was to see.

You see, L has Autism.

Functioning at an 18 month level Autism.

Every step forward is celebrated. Every regression is agonized over.

But, he is always amazing to me.

Good days and bad.

Today, I celebrate.

  • Erin, this has me in tears. I am celebrating with you today.

  • jenna

    What a smart boy. And so sweet!

  • julie

    That was awesome to witness!! I think we were all a little teary eyed!! That’s my sweet boy!!

  • How wonderful! And you write about it so beautifully!

  • That is awesome!

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