The List 2016

Update, and Additions:

1. Travel in China (cliche I know but I’d like to)
2. Travel in Russia (can’t justify my major without it)
3. Live on the East Coast (retire to Annapolis, see 4)
4. Learn how to sail (actually, have a nice boat, sail to boat shows)
5. Spend Christmas in Virginia (John, Debby- don’t move!)
6. Make Christmas Eve tamales from scratch (I cheat and buy from restaurants) (2014)
7. Tailgate at Homecoming (10 hours is not a long drive)
8. Live on the water (lake, ocean, river, doesn’t matter)
9. Learn how to sew (relearn, I’ve got the machine…) (2014- badly!)
10. Own a big old house with nice woodwork, claw foot tubs and radiators (I love me some radiant heat)

11. Have another baby (that would be 4 kids) (2014)
12. Have a VBAC (not because I feel cheated, but because there is no reason not to)*
13. Learn how to can something (Pepper jelly? Pickled Cabbage? The possibilities!)
14. Do something official with Breastfeeding (IBCLC? Aim high!)*
15. Belong to a CSA (2013-2016)
16. Work out regularly (at least 3 days a week)
17. Learn how to do my hair (properly)
18. Own a bonafide CUTE purse
19. Learn how to frost a cake (well)
20. Travel to northern Europe and see where my ancestors came from (Sweden, Norway)

21. Join a Church
22. Get the boys baptized (2013)
23. Enter something in the State Fair (2014)
24. Win a State Fair Ribbon
25. Walk the lake 3 times a week (Harriet, Calhoun…)*
26. Stop biting my nails (a new habit of mine)
27. Take a weekend getaway with my husband (2015- Sturgeon Bay)
28. Get to the library every week
29. Learn how to plant a vegetable garden (2015)
30. Get involved with Autism advocacy in some way (2015)

31. Be active in the school (2014)
32. Learn to crochet
33. Join a book club (2014)
34. Master composting
35. Start a Lego Club
36. Refinish the wood floors
37. Refinish the basement
38. Have a signature dish
39. Read a book a week
40. Adopt a second hand pet (2015)

*I’m taking these items off the list.  For one, I live nowhere near the lakes to make it possible to walk them like I could when we lived on the other side of town; and as for breastfeeding, I’ve given up like 3 solid years of my life to it.  I think that is enough.

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