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So, it’s been awhile.

Almost 2 years.  Do you know what happens in two years?  LIFE happens in two years.

A few posts back I acknowledged my 35th birthday by revisiting The List.  Let’s just look at the list and see where we are:

The List

1. Travel in China (cliche I know but I’d like to)
2. Travel in Russia (can’t justify my major without it)
3. Live on the East Coast (retire to Annapolis, see 4)
4. Learn how to sail (actually, have a nice boat, sail to boat shows)
5. Spend Christmas in Virginia (John, Debby- don’t move!)
6. Make Christmas Eve tamales from scratch (I cheat and buy from restaurants) (2014)
7. Tailgate at Homecoming (10 hours is not a long drive)
8. Live on the water (lake, ocean, river, doesn’t matter)
9. Learn how to sew (relearn, I’ve got the machine…) (2014- badly!)
10. Own a big old house with nice woodwork, claw foot tubs and radiators (I love me some radiant heat)

11. Have another baby (that would be 4 kids) (2014)
12. Have a VBAC (not because I feel cheated, but because there is no reason not to)*N/A
13. Learn how to can something (Pepper jelly? Pickled Cabbage?  The possibilities!)
14. Do something official with Breastfeeding (IBCLC? Aim high!)
15. Belong to a CSA (2013-2015)
16. Work out regularly (at least 3 days a week)
17. Learn how to do my hair (properly)
18. Own a bonafide CUTE purse
19. Learn how to frost a cake (well)
20. Travel to northern Europe and see where my ancestors came from (Sweden, Norway)

21. Join a Church
22. Get the boys baptized (2013)
23. Enter something in the State Fair (2014)
24. Win a State Fair Ribbon
25. Walk the lake 3 times a week (Harriet, Calhoun…)
26. Stop biting my nails (a new habit of mine)
27. Take a weekend getaway with my husband
28. Get to the library every week
29. Learn how to plant a vegetable garden
30. Get involved with Autism advocacy in some way

Seven things are off the list:

– I made Tamales this Christmas, and they were amazing.  I can’t believe it took me this long.
– I started sewing on my new machine, and it’s actually a million times easier than on my old machine.  I’m still pretty bad at it, but I’m getting better, and I now have it out and ready to go at all times, so it’s not a big deal to sit down and sew.
– Shortly after we moved into our house, I kind of panicked a bit, and we made the decision to have another baby.  S will be 1 in March.

– We joined a CSA the spring before we moved, and we’ve really loved it.  We just signed up for our 3rd year, AND, we added the cheese share. Who doesn’t like fancy cheese?
– I made the decision to stop fighting my gray streak, and I have been slowly getting all of my highlights crown out and cut off.  In the meantime, I figured out that I like my hair shorter, and it’s actually pretty easy to maintain if I actually put some product in it right after showering.  It took me almost 37 years to get here.
– The boys were baptized at our church in 2013, and it was pretty great.  I was really nervous about the whole thing, but they just made us feel so welcomed and at ease about the whole thing.  I love our church, even if getting there isn’t something that happens very often.
– I entered my candied jalapenos in the state fair, and was pretty bummed when I didn’t win, considering there were only 8 entries in my category.  When we visited the exhibit I immediately knew that I had been disqualified- I used a half pint jar instead of a pint jar.  Next year I will be sure to use the correct jar size!

On top of those things,  we bought our first house; survived another hyperemesis plagued pregnancy; I had a freak accident while pulling up carpet that necessitated hand surgery, we graduated the twins from day treatment; started them in kindergarten; took a family trip to Wisconsin with my in-laws (and survived!); and started the long slog of figuring out what makes Tonka tick.

It has been a very full, very overwhelming, and very exciting two years at our house.  I’m kind of ready for things to slow down a bit.

I’m also excited to get back to this space now that things are starting to calm down in the baby department.  He’s almost walking, still nursing, cutting teeth like crazy, and I’m trying to soak up every minute of it.  He is the absolute last baby, unless there is an act of God. I didn’t realize I loved this stage so much, but it’s pretty awesome and I’m going to miss it.

Our house is finally getting put together.  Word to the wise: do not get pregnant immediately after moving if you have terrible pregnancies, everything will get put on hold until the baby is like 6 months old.  I finally got things up on our walls when I was decorating for Christmas- 18 months after we moved in.  Overall we have a long way to go until it’s where I want it to be, but we are actually starting to do things and work towards the vision.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.  It’s a good life.



Clean Slate!

You know those days when you feel like chucking everything and deleting your trusty blog and instead you get on GoDaddy and buy yourself a new domain because there is nothing quite like a fresh, clean blog all shiny and new?

Yeah, I just had one of those days.

Bear with me as I tighten up the nuts and bolts and get this show on the road.

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